Standard Exhibition Booth

  •      Each booth (size: 2mW x 1mD x 2mH) has 4 fascia boards. (4 nos.: 1mW x 2mH)

  •      An exhibition lintel (20 cm in height) displaying the booth number and the higher education institute’s  name will be mounted across the top of the two side boards as shown below.

  • Size of exhibition booth

Dimensions of the provided exhibition booth.

Basic Provision at the Booth
The following items will be available at the exhibition venues.

  •      One 1.8-meter-long table (including blue table cloth); two chairs

  •      One table stand displaying the institute’s name and QR code for official website  

  •      WI-FI connection (Ipad or tablet is recommended)

  •      Velcro tapes for sticking the posters on the fascia boards

Decoration of Exhibition Booth
The exhibition booth will be made available from 8:30 to 09:45 on the day of the Fair (29 October 2019) for decoration. The following display materials are recommended:

  • Poster(s) (Size of posters should be based on dimensions of the above-mentioned fascia boards.)

  • Roll up banner(s)

  • Promotional items from your organization